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Global VIP Elite - Plataforma De Fondos

  • BlackRock iShares Emerging Markets Equity Index Fund (KIIDS)
  • BlackRock iShares Global Government Bond Index Fund (KIIDS)
  • BlackRock iShares Japan Equity Index Fund (KIIDS)
  • BlackRock iShares North America Equity Index Fund (KIIDS)
  • BlackRock iShares Pacific ex Japan Equity Index Fund (KIIDS)
  • BlackRock iShares World Equity Index Fund (KIIDS)
  • BlackRock Global Funds — Asian Tiger Bond Fund (KIIDS)
  • BlackRock Global Funds – Fixed Income Global Opportunities Fund (KIIDS)
  • BlackRock Global Funds — Global Allocation Fund (KIIDS)
  • BlackRock Global Funds — Japan Small & Mid Cap Opportunities Fund (KIIDS)
  • BlackRock Global Funds – Latin American Fund (KIIDS)
  • BlackRock Global Funds – US Small & Mid Cap Opportunities Fund (KIIDS)
  • BlackRock Global Funds — World Energy Fund (KIIDS)
  • BlackRock Global Funds — World Gold Fund (KIIDS)
  • BlackRock Global Funds – World Healthscience Fund (KIIDS)
  • BlackRock Global Funds – World Technology Fund (KIIDS)
  • BlackRock Strategic Funds - Americas Diversified Equity Absolute Return Fund (KIIDS)
  • Franklin Income Fund (KIIDS)
  • Franklin Mutual Beacon Fund (KIIDS)
  • Franklin USD Liquid Reserve Fund (KIIDS)
  • Templeton Asian Growth Fund (KIIDS)
  • Templeton Global Bond Fund (KIIDS)
  • Templeton Global Total Return Fund (KIIDS)
*Franklin Templeton Funds are not available in Canada or to Canadian residents.
  • Investec GSF European Equity Fund (KIIDS)
  • Investec GSF Global Franchise Fund (KIIDS)
  • Investec GSF Global Multi Asset Income Fund (KIIDS)
  • Investec GSF Global Quality Equity Income Fund (KIIDS)
  • Investec GSF Global Strategic Managed Fund (KIIDS)
  • Investec GSF Latin American Corporate Debt Fund (KIIDS)
  • JPM Aggregate Bond Fund (KIIDS)
  • JPM Global Balanced Fund (KIIDS)
  • JPM Global Corporate Bond Fund (KIIDS)
  • JPM Global Income Fund (KIIDS)
  • JPM Global Macro Fund (KIIDS)
  • JPM Global Select Equity Fund (KIIDS)
  • JPM US Bond Fund (KIIDS)
  • JPM US Value Fund (KIIDS)
  • MFS Meridian Emerging Markets Debt Fund (KIIDS)
  • MFS Meridian European Value Fund (KIIDS)
  • MFS Meridian Global Research Fund (KIIDS)
  • MFS Meridian Prudent Wealth Fund (KIIDS)
  • MFS Meridian US Concentrated Growth Fund (KIIDS)
  • MFS Meridian US Value Fund (KIIDS)
  • New Capital China Equity Fund (KIIDS)
  • New Capital Global Value Credit Fund (KIIDS)
  • New Capital US Growth Fund (KIIDS)
  • New Capital Wealthy Nations Bond Fund (KIIDS)
  • Pioneer Funds China Equity Fund (KIIDS)
  • Pioneer Funds Euro Corporate Bond Fund (KIIDS)
  • Pioneer Funds European Potential Fund (KIIDS)
  • Pioneer Funds Global High Yield Fund (KIIDS)
  • Pioneer Funds Strategic Income Fund (KIIDS)
  • Pioneer Funds US Fundamental Growth Fund (KIIDS)
  • Pioneer Funds US High Yield Fund (KIIDS)
  • Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Index Fund (KIIDS)
  • Vanguard Euro Government Bond Index Fund (KIIDS)
  • Vanguard European Stock Index Fund (KIIDS)
  • Vanguard Eurozone Stock Index Fund (KIIDS)
  • Vanguard Global Stock Index Fund (KIIDS)
  • Vanguard Japan Stock Index Fund (KIIDS)
  • Vanguard US 500 Stock Index Fund (KIIDS)
  • Vanguard US Government Bond Index Fund (KIIDS)


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