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Northstar clients benefit from a Bermuda trust structure with segregated account protection.

Northstar’s Bermuda trust structure offers investors financial security, privacy and wealth transfer flexibility.

Northstar’s variable investment platform provides access to a broad selection of leading fund managers.

Northstar’s variable products offer many options and benefits that enable investors to tailor investments in line with their financial goals and prevailing market conditions.

Northstar offers a selection of competitive fixed-rate investment products.

Northstar’s fixed-rate plans offer a range of features to suit varying interest rate environments, enabling investors to select products that suit their individual needs.

Northstar is committed to delivering a wide range of flexible investment plans with exceptional levels of client service and distributor support.

Northstar’s global products are sold in more than 100 countries via a network of banks, securities dealers and other financial intermediaries.

Northstar Financial Services

Established in 1998, Northstar provides financial solutions to meet the needs of international investors and offers a range of attractive investment plans to a global client base.

The firm’s fixed-rate products offer competitive guaranteed interest rates coupled with the option of added principal protection. Northstar’s variable products offer investors access to a broad selection of funds from a range of leading asset managers, with unlimited free transfers between underlying investment options. 

All Northstar products provide clients with a variety of commitment periods and segregated account protection, as well as the benefits of a Bermuda trust structure, which include financial security and enhanced wealth transfer flexibility.

Working with an extensive range of distribution partners, Northstar has clients in over 100 countries.

Northstar is regulated by the Bermuda Monetary Authority and is a Segregated Accounts Company. Northstar is also regulated by the DFSA as a Representative Office.